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One Hour Heating and Air ConditioningThe job climate at One Hour is better than ever, with more opportunities for seasoned HVAC techs and trainees to improve and grow with us.
Mr. Sparky Electrical Service and RepairWith hundreds of good jobs available, it’s time for you to plug into the hard-working advantages of teaming up with Mister Sparky.
Benjamin Franklin PlumbingTap into a full pipeline of opportunities available with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, including ongoing training and excellent benefits.
We're proud to stand with Mike Rowe in support of skilled trades.


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EP 1 - Introduction - No Good Jobs Left

EP 2 - Only Path to a Good Job is a 4-Year Degree

EP 3 - Trade Jobs are Dead-End Jobs

EP 4 - You Can't Make Six Figures

EP 5 - Work Smart, Not Hard

EP 6 - White Collar is Better than Blue Collar

EP 7 - There's No Room for Women in the Trades

EP 8 - Skilled Trades are a Young Man's Game

EP 9 - There are No Benefits to Trade Jobs

EP 10 - Skilled Trade Jobs Don't Pay Well

EP 11 - Skilled Trades are Drudgery

EP 12 - The Trades Don't Offer a Path to Success

"Hot Under the Blue Collar with Mike Rowe" is a webisode series created to dispel myths about the skilled trades industry and jobs within it. Watch and discover the surprising truth about the benefits, rewards and opportunity that blue collar careers provide.


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Trade School Techs
Are you currently enrolled in a trade school program? You may be eligible for a sponsorship providing financial assistance, a tool package and a long term career. Click here to learn more.

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